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Moose Watching

MOOSE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE One of the most thrilling sights in the White Mountains National Forest is the ungainly but majestic American Moose (Alces alces). The largest member of the deer family, moose are identified by there great mass (6 feet tall at the shoulders and 1200 pounds), an overhanging snout, a bell of skin under there neck, and the huge spreading antlers of the male.


Sighting a Moose

The Kancamagus Highway and northern -most sections of the White Mountain National Forest are well known for numerous moose sightings, though moose can be found throughout the forest. Although the opportunity to view a moose along the highway is exciting please use extreme caution when pulling off, taking care not to startle either the moose or other drivers. Be aware that this dark-colored animal does not show up well at night.



Moose are wild animals and should be treated as such, even if they seem tame or passive. During the rutting season, bulls are unpredictable, and cows with calves are easily agitated. Viewing from your vehicle is least stressful to the moose, and safest for you. If you should happen to come upon the moose in the forest, move very slowly, and avoid any loud noises or sudden movement. This will ensure an extended, enjoyable observation, and will prevent the moose from injuring itself or you.

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