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Pet Policy

To insure that all campers have an enjoyable and safe stay with us we have instituted the following policy regarding pets.

1. All campers bringing dogs to the campground must present a copy of the dogs vaccination record at registration or before a seasonal permit will be issued. A copy of the shot record will be made and kept on file in the campground office.

2. All pets must be on a short leash at all times when in the campground. In the campsite pets must be on a secure leash or chain that will not permit them to extend off of the campsite in any direction.

3. Please walk your pet in the wooded areas along the main roads away from campsites. Please clean up all pet.droppings.

4. Please do not leave pets chained outside when leaving the campsite. Local kennels offer quality day boarding.

5. Any pet which is, in the opinion of the management, creating a disturbance, is being a nuisance, or is a danger to others shall immediately be removed from the campground by the owner when requested.

6. Visitors to the campground guests are not allowed to bring pets.

7. Please no more than two pets per site.

8. Please do not allow children to walk pets.

9. Pets are not allowed in the pool, recreation hall, bathrooms and other recreation and general use areas of the campground.



To reserve a Site, call The Foothills Campground at:
603-323-8322 or use the reservation form below.
We will confirm your reservation within 60 hours.



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Foothills Family Campground
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The Foothills Campground
 is approved  by the
New Hampshire Campground Owners
Association and AAA, and is Listed and Rated by Woodalls. We invite you to come and
enjoy the quiet beauty of our
campground and make it your home for
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